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Full Electrical Services

We are a full-service St. Louis electrical company. Wolff Electrical can fix a current problem or remodel a room in your home.

Smart Home Upgrades

Upgrade your light switches to WIFI in ables switches that can be controlled via you iOS,  Andriod, Alexa, or Google Home.

Outdoor Lighting

An outdoor lighting system offers both safety and beauty. We’ve installed tons of stunning landscape lighting features in St. Louis.

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Wolff Electrical Services is your local, St. Charles County area, electrical specialist

Isn’t it funny how you don’t think about electricity until something goes wrong? As soon as you’re without power, your number one priority is to get the problem fixed. Wolff Electrical takes pride in properly troubleshooting your electrical problems and getting the job done right.

Our highly trained professional electricians are on duty in St. Charles County and surrounding areas to ensure that when you flip a switch, you can have total confidence that everything in your home or business works right.

Unlike other electricians, Wolff does not practice “rip and replace”— a lazy solution to electrical work where rather than using expertise to diagnose the problem, a technician replaces things that are unnecessary to replace and gouges you for more money in the process. Sure, he might fix the problem, but at a needlessly higher cost to you. Wolff does not try to fix what isn’t broken. We fix the problem.

We seek to provide you with our honest and reliable expertise so that you can be empowered to understand more about the electrical workings of your home or business. That’s why Wolff Electrical offers our time to educate our customers to DIY if the problem does not require an experienced electrician.


75% of our calls are to help our customers troubleshoot for FREE!

This is why Wolff has a reputation with all our customers, from St. Louis to Kansas City, of being a trustworthy and helpful electrical service with extremely competitive estimates. You’ll never be surprised when the final bill comes!

Give us a call today and we’ll send out one of our highly-trained professionals to give you a fair and accurate quote.

What Others Are Saying About Wolff Electrical

I Couldn’t be happier with Eric’s work! He was there when he promised and very quickly diagnosed and corrected the problem. Reliable, Effective and Affordable. Won’t need to ever call anyone else!

 Bill Grenko

Our Licensed & Skilled Electricians

Eric Wolff

Eric Wolff

Owner Master Electrician

Doug Hamm

Doug Hamm

Licensed Electrician

Taylor Lowder

Taylor Lowder


Public Service Announcement

Plugging a space heater into a power strip can be disastrous — here’s why…

An Oregon fire department posted a photo of a melted power strip to show the dangers related to space heaters.

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